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Austin.com is a new type of publication that merges the very best of business journalism, viral web writing, and hyper-local community news into a single cohesive product. We exist to promote the things we love about our city and spread the gospel that is Austin.

The current design of Austin.com emerged from a collaborative partnership between Austin-based development house Marketing Clique and Proud Highway Media Group, the management company behind Austin.com’s editorial side. Marketing Clique handled the site’s coding and Q/A testing, and the site went live on July 2, 2014. Click here to read our relaunch announcement, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to send us a comment.


David J. Wieland, owner and publisher


David is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who lives in Chicago, but shares Austin.com’s passion for the Texas capital, and particularly its startup scene. He has exited two companies (Innflux and Powersurge) and currently serves as CEO of RIVS, and owner of iEstates, which administers Austin.com and thousands of other high-value web domains. As an active angel investor (www.angel.co/david-wieland), David co-founded the Notre Dame-affiliated IrishAngels and has personal investments in 40+ startups including Change.org, NoRedInk, Archive.ly, Ginkgotree, and Qoin. He also serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the University of Notre Dame, consulting ND entrepreneurs. Follow him on Twitter @DavidJWieland.

Stephen C. Webster, executive editor


Stephen is a journalist an editor who has spent his whole life in Texas, living in Austin since 2007. He’s previously worked as senior editor of The Raw Story, web editor of The Progressive, web editor of The Dallas Business Journal, associate editor of hyperlocal Dallas-area newspaper The News Connection, and he interned for Austin Monthly. Stephen’s company, Proud Highway Media Group, manages the site’s staff and editorial operations. Follow him on Twitter @StephenCWebster.


Scott Braddock


Scott is one-half of the powerhouse Texas political journal Quorum Report, and works alongside famed Texas writer Harvey Kronberg. He’s specialized in covering business and immigration issues around the state for the last 10 years, in addition to the high-stakes elections that can at times make Austin such an exciting place to live. Follow him on Twitter @ScottBraddock.


Daniel Webb


Daniel got the whole world’s attention when he fist-bumped President Barack Obama from behind the register at Franklin BBQ and gave a shout out for gay rights, earning him a feature in The Austin Chronicle and more local notoriety than he knew what to do with. (He later explained that whole incident was supposed to be a gay joke about Rick Perry.) Now he writes for Austin.com as our comedy and style editor, which complements his other (non-restaurant) pursuits: Being fabulous on the local drag scene and co-hosting the weekly “gurl’s night” comedy show at RAIN on Fourth Street. Follow him on Twitter @RuebenBoobies.

Rebecca L. Bennett


Rebecca has always been good at two things: Telling stories and having adventures. She’s rooted in Austin, Texas, where she captains her business, Brave Bird Photography, and writes for PictureCorrect.com, Austin.com, and other kind folks who enjoy a few well-written sentences. She feels most at home in her hiking boots, and is pretty sure she’d likely survive a zombie apocalypse. Follow her on Twitter @BraveBirdPhotos.

Jon Fortenbury


Jon is a contributor to The AtlanticForbes, and USA Today, in addition to covering startups and healthy living for Austin.com. He’s also probably the future husband of Zooey Deschanel, but she just hasn’t realized it yet. Follow him on Twitter @JonWrites.

Gina Stiglito

ginaGina is an Austinite, writer, and experienced music promoter. She is also the author of three books, and a member of The Authors Guild and The Professional Writers of Austin. She attended Columbia and Forham Universities in New York City and holds a B.A. in English and Journalism. Gina is currently the owner of Ginaraq PR, a public relations company dedicated to promoting artists and musicians in Austin and around the world. She became a member of The Recording Academy, Texas Chapter, in 2014.

Stephanie Anderson

Sstephanietephanie loves shooting videos, particularly of comedians, and making art. She is, as they say, Very Austin.





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